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What You Get From the Touch of Tilak Fernando?

Tilak Fernando is a native of Sri-Lanka. He has played a very significant role in enabling many people achieve clear thinking and enabling them to achieve mental freedom. He has traveled different parts of the world meeting different people while enabling them to achieve their goals. His role has always been to travel to different parts of the world spreading light of clarity and love. People who have met this professional have always testified that miracles happen when one is touched by a professional. Although a concept of a healer, a teacher and a guru overlaps, there is always a focus.

This expert observes that words such as teacher and guru are used by individuals who are certain of their spiritual path. He notes that such people come from a lineage or traditional line and they are usually sacred. However, he did not come from any lineage or tradition. As such, when dealing with people whatever he does comes with freshness, brilliance and light. He observes that there are times when people call him the unlearning teacher. This is because misunderstandings and misinterpretations have always led people into darkness and contractions. However, these are always revealed when he meet such people.

This professional reveals that his work is about awakening. Unlike many teachers, he does not touch people. This is because his work is not about being a guru, a healer or a teacher. According to him, one cannot be awakened and continue carrying a weird mind and a crazy body.

While swimming, your goal is not to get wet. You want to get more pleasure and joy. This is also the case with awakening. Things such as healing come as a byproduct of the awakening process. He notes that during the awakening process, people experience more exposure to cool light. This is not a mechanical, natural or heat light. It is an opening that comes into someone just like when a door is opened. It is an organic revelation that is triggered by contact from the breath of this profession. The light that one gets from an awakening session by Tilak Fernando brings a sense of aliveness and lightness in the heart, body and mind.